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Implementing Elastic security in highly regulated environments

Hosted by

Sandor Balint
Sandor Balint

Senior Security Education Consultant


Dasha Wessely
Dasha Wessely

User Success Manager



In the field of security, change is constant and inevitable. This talk will focus on observations made in the security field in the telecommunications and financial industries as well as provide practical, thought-provoking questions to ask if you are planning to successfully implement Elastic in highly regulated environments.

Your host, Sandor Balint, Chief Security Architect at CETIN, has 20+ years of experience building security teams and infrastructures. He became a vivid Elastic enthusiast since he first installed it back in 2014 for security monitoring and within the first day of production caught a major incident.


  • Introduction to Sandor Balint
  • Insights around security in the telecommunication and financial industries
  • Lessons learned through the journey with Elastic

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