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Getting Started with Kibana

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Adeline Tan
Adeline Tan

Sr. Product Marketing Manager



Kibana is a window into the Elastic Stack and the user interface for the Elastic Search Platform. It allows you to visualize and explore data as well as manage and monitor the entire Elastic Stack. This webinar is perfect for users that are new to Kibana and are looking for a primer on how to get started with exploring data, creating visualizations, and setting up a dashboard. Watch a demo of going from a Kibana installation to a full dashboard in a matter of minutes.

Highlights include:

  • Creating your first Elastic deployment using Elastic Cloud 
  • Adding data to your Elasticsearch cluster
  • Exploring the shape and trends of your data 
  • Building visualizations to explore specific questions 
  • Compiling a dashboard to tell your data story 
  • Exploring new ways to visualize and present your data using Canvas and Maps

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