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Elastic for Operational Analytics

Hosted by:

Dale McDiarmid
Dale McDiarmid

Principal Product Marketing Engineer


Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith

Principal Product Marketing Manager



From scrappy startups to giant telecoms, companies of all shapes and sizes are using the Elastic Stack for getting value from their operational logs and metrics. We will kick off this session with the Elastic perspective on log and metrics analytics, followed by a product overview, and then wrap up with a demo.

In this demo, we step into the shoes of a DevOps person who has received an email that website search is performing poorly in a certain geo. Join us on this journey through logs and metrics as we track down the problem.

    Highlights include:
  • Search & drill downs via Kibana
  • Tracking anomalies using Machine learning
  • Alerting on changes in the Elastic Stack
  • Monitoring the Elastic Stack

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