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User Experience Monitoring Quick Start

In this 3-step Quick Start series, you'll learn how to monitor and gauge user experience — including Core Web Vitals — in real time. You'll learn how to ingest data and then view and analyze the experience that your users are having on your website using Elastic Cloud. Topics include what is user experience monitoring, ingesting user data, and exploring the User Experience app.

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Now it's your turn

Now that you've watched the Quick Start video, follow the steps below to practice what you’ve learned. If you don't have an Elastic Cloud instance, spin up a 14-day free trial.

  • Step 1

    1. Create a new Elastic Observability deployment on Elastic Cloud.
    2. Launch Kibana from the new deployment.
  • Step 2

    1. Instrument your own applications.
    2. View the data in Kibana.
  • Step 3

    1. Go to the User Experience app in Kibana.
    2. Analyze how your users are experiencing your website.