Core Elasticsearch: Developer (Virtual Classroom)

Course Summary

This virtual classroom interactive instructor-led, hands on course is designed for software developers and engineers who need to develop search and analytics applications using Elasticsearch. Students learn the internals of Elasticsearch from a developer’s perspective, including how to write search queries, perform text analysis, define mappings, perform aggregations, and model data. Upon finishing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the "Core Elasticsearch for Developers" course covering Elasticsearch fundamentals so that you can effectively design and build applications that leverage it.

Course Details

15% off Bundle discount applies if you register for both Developer and Operations.

We've worked hard to make sure our virtual training environment will support the same high quality education experience Elastic delivers in-person. Training should be more than a live video stream of someone talking over some slides. Students need to be able to ask questions vocally (or in text chat), students need a lab environment where instructors can collaborate with them on exercises when needed, and the virtual classroom must be as immersive as the in-person classroom experience.

We believe we have achieved these goals and more! When you login to your training event through your Web Browser you'll have access to a personal lab environment featuring a Linux shell and environment, a graphical text editor (unless you want to use vim!) and the ability to not only follow the instructor but to page through the course contents on your own. You get a personal URL to your own Kibana instance to help you do the labs. Because all your classmates, the instructors and the labs are in the same virtual classroom you get a high quality, immersive, personal experience.

One of the best things about coming to an in-person training is that you can ask any question to our team in front of the class or privately. Our virtual training classroom allows you to "raise your hand" and ask a question during the lecture in addition to requesting an instructor give you one-on-one assistance in the labs. When the instructor joins you in your lab they can access your command line tabs and your text editor and you can watch them type commands and edit configs and they can watch you too as if they're typing over your shoulder. You'll also jump into a private video chat with the instructor as they work with you through a lab exercise so you can communicate as if you're sitting next to each other.

Elastic's virtual classroom provides all the benefits of our in-person classroom but offers flexible hours (4 hour sessions instead of all day sessions means you can still get work done each training day), is available from anywhere there's an Internet connection, and let's you get trained up on Elastic products without having to travel or wait for us to come to a city near you. Enroll in a course and pick the best time for you.

We hope to see you in our virtual classroom this week. Or next week. Or whenever and wherever is good for you!

Upcoming — Core Elasticsearch: Developer (Virtual Classroom)

It was awesome. Both instructors are great speakers. They have a wide and deep knowledge about the topic, and they know how to pass it on. They are infecting with their enthusiasm.

Mariusz Kuskowski | Allegro Group