Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

Finding what you're looking for when information lives across different departments and siloed data sources can be tough. The Elastic Stack (formerly known as the ELK Stack) helps you bring it all together to find the relevant answers across millions — even billions — of documents, all in real time.

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Any Source, Structure, or Business Problem

Centralize and search through all of your data — knowledge base articles, HR procedures, wiki pages, project data, R&D specs — with the Elastic Stack. Using full text search and loads of plugins, you can have access to everything you need to do your job from a single search box.

Advanced Search, Refined Relevancy

Elasticsearch is a powerful search engine that gives you the ability to improve results with boosting, fuzziness, ranking, natural language processing, suggestions, synonyms, and more. And once you've made tweaks, keep an eye on search analytics from a Kibana dashboard to learn how to make your solution even better.

Real-Time Results, Limitless Scalability

With Elasticsearch, you don't have to sacrifice real-time speed for volume. As you connect more data sources and add more capability to your search solution, it's easy to scale the Elastic Stack horizontally. Users need their results quickly, no matter how many millions (or billions) of documents they're searching through.

Get Started Quickly, No Stops Necessary

Implementing enterprise search with the Elastic Stack doesn't require a large team of developers or a free weekend to take servers down. Get up and running in minutes without making any changes to your existing infrastructure. Just spin up a cluster, ingest data from all your different sources, and get searching.

Open Source Code, Custom-Fit Solution

Don't reinvent search, make our enterprise search solution perfect for you. The open source nature of the Elastic Stack puts you in control of your enterprise search solution. With our APIs and clients, you can integrate Elastic into any environment using any language. You can even build new connectors for proprietary data sources that black-box solutions can't handle.

Building Rockets and Rovers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Robots may be the only entities on Mars, but they didn't get there on their own. Learn how NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory uses Elasticsearch to put the latest designs and research in the hands of scientists and engineers to build spacecraft that explore the universe and analyze the data they send back.

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Go Beyond Enterprise Search

Hunting down anomalies? Crunching numbers? The Elastic Stack expands the possibilities of your data—all from a central location.

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