SIEM & Security Analytics

Elastic Security for SIEM & security analytics

Detect, investigate, and respond to evolving threats. Harness data at cloud speed and scale. Heighten host visibility and control. Modernize security with a unified, open SIEM solution.

Elastic Security for SIEM, with SOC dashboard, ML findings, and detection rules

A new approach to SIEM

We have a unique vision for open and modern SIEM: Fast, scalable, and unified.

  • Outpace adversaries

    Stay ahead of threats by quickly answering urgent questions. Mitigate the cyber skills shortage by boosting team productivity with fast search and generative AI.

  • Operate at scale

    Wield data by the petabyte, analyzing details dispersed across continents and clouds. Hunt and investigate with fast access to years of efficiently stored archives.

  • Act decisively

    With a single unified agent, deepen host visibility, block ransomware and malware, streamline inspection, and invoke remote response actions.

SIEM validated by the best

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SIEM & security analytics capabilities

Experience end-to-end security information and event management (SIEM).

Establish a holistic view

Centralize environmental activity and internal and external context. Enable uniform analysis with Elastic Common Schema (ECS). Add new data with one-click integrations, community-built plug-ins, and simple custom connectors.

Network view for security and compliance monitoring with Elastic

Analyze your environment at will

Interactively monitor years of historical data — without breaking your budget. Quickly grasp unfolding attacks by correlating all relevant data. Throughout the UI, access built-in trend charts for key data fields. And do it all with the only SIEM fast enough for the quickest analysts.

Automate detection with high-fidelity rules

Automate detection of suspicious activity and tools with behavior-based rules powered by research from Elastic Security Labs. Analyze adversary behavior and prioritize potential threats accordingly. Cut to what matters with risk and severity scores. Detections are aligned with MITRE ATT&CK® and shared openly for review and activation.

Assess risk with ML and entity analytics

Expose unknown threats with anomaly detection powered by prebuilt ML jobs. Arm threat hunters with evidence-based hypotheses. Uncover threats you expected — and others you didn’t. Gain insight into the entities at highest risk with security analytics.

Streamline investigation, automate response

Enrich alerts and glean insights with threat intelligence. Accelerate workflows with native security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR). Quickly and iteratively hunt with piped queries. Gather findings on an interactive timeline. Remotely inspect and invoke actions on distributed endpoints. Maintain momentum with generative AI and bidirectional workflow integrations.

SIEM for cloud-first teams

Elastic helps secure the modern enterprise — in the cloud and beyond.

  • Cloud-ready, portable anywhere

    Deploy in the cloud or locally. Choose Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud for simplified management and scaling, or Elastic Cloud Enterprise for full control.

  • Powerful data management

    Gain visibility across your global environment to tackle threats at scale. Retain years of actionable data to uncover latent threats and markers of newly uncovered exploits.

  • Adaptable SIEM licensing

    Elastic licensing is predictable and doesn’t multiply based on data ingest, agent count, or use case. Simply deploy what you need and adapt as your vision evolves.

Go beyond SIEM & security analytics

Unify your organization's approach to security with Elastic.

  • SOAR

    Streamline SOC workflows with orchestration and automation.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Make threat intelligence actionable.

  • Endpoint Security

    Prevent, collect, detect, and respond — all with one agent.

  • XDR

    Power SecOps across your hosts, cloud, network, and beyond.

  • Cloud Security

    Assess your cloud posture and protect cloud workloads.

  • Elastic Security Labs

    Apply novel research we've conducted on threats, malware, and protections.