Mapping APIsedit

Geo Point Typeedit

The geo_point format has been changed to reduce index size and the time required to both index and query geo point data. To make these performance improvements possible both doc_values and coerce are required and therefore cannot be changed. For this reason the doc_values and coerce parameters have been removed from the geo_point field mapping.

These new geo-points are not yet supported in the percolator, but see Percolating geo-queries in Elasticsearch 2.2.0 and later for a workaround.

Scripting and securityedit

The Java Security Manager is being used to lock down the privileges available to the scripting languages and to restrict the classes they are allowed to load to a predefined whitelist. These changes may cause scripts which worked in earlier versions to fail. See Scripting and the Java Security Manager for more details.

Field stats APIedit

The field stats' response format has been changed for number based and date fields. The min_value and max_value elements now return values as number and the new min_value_as_string and max_value_as_string return the values as string.

Default logging using systemdedit

In previous versions of Elasticsearch using systemd, the default logging configuration routed standard output to /dev/null and standard error to the journal. However, there are often critical error messages at startup that are logged to standard output rather than standard error and these error messages would be lost to the ether. The default has changed to now route standard output to the journal and standard error to inherit this setting (these are the defaults for systemd). These settings can be modified by editing the elasticsearch.service file.

Java Clientedit

Previously it was possible to iterate over ClusterHealthResponse to get information about ClusterIndexHealth. While this is still possible, it requires now iterating over the values returned from getIndices():

ClusterHealthResponse clusterHealthResponse = client.admin().cluster().prepareHealth().get();
for (Map.Entry<String, ClusterIndexHealth> index : clusterHealthResponse.getIndices().entrySet()) {
    String indexName = index.getKey();
    ClusterIndexHealth health = index.getValue();

Also ClusterHealthStatus has been moved from to

Cloud AWS Pluginedit

Proxy settings have been deprecated and renamed:

  • from to
  • from to
  • from to
  • from to
  • from to
  • from to

If you are using proxy settings, update your settings as deprecated ones will be removed in next major version.

Multicast plugin deprecatededit

The discovery-multicast plugin has been deprecated in 2.2.0 and has been removed in 3.0.0.