Snapshot and Restore changesedit

File-system repositories must be whitelistededit

Locations of the shared file system repositories and the URL repositories with file: URLs now have to be registered before starting Elasticsearch using the path.repo setting. The path.repo setting can contain one or more repository locations:

path.repo: ["/mnt/daily", "/mnt/weekly"]

If the repository location is specified as an absolute path it has to start with one of the locations specified in path.repo. If the location is specified as a relative path, it will be resolved against the first location specified in the path.repo setting.

URL repositories must be whitelistededit

URL repositories with http:, https:, and ftp: URLs have to be whitelisted before starting Elasticsearch with the repositories.url.allowed_urls setting. This setting supports wildcards in the place of host, path, query, and fragment. For example:

repositories.url.allowed_urls: ["*", "https://**?*#*"]

Wildcard expansionedit

The obsolete parameters expand_wildcards_open and expand_wildcards_close are no longer supported by the snapshot and restore operations. These parameters have been replaced by a single expand_wildcards parameter. See the multi-index docs for more.