Index API changesedit

Index aliasesedit

Fields used in alias filters no longer have to exist in the mapping at alias creation time. Previously, alias filters were parsed at alias creation time and the parsed form was cached in memory. Now, alias filters are parsed at request time and the fields in filters are resolved from the current mapping.

This also means that index aliases now support has_parent and has_child queries.

The GET alias api will now throw an exception if no matching aliases are found. This change brings the defaults for this API in line with the other Indices APIs. The Multiple Indices options can be used on a request to change this behavior.

File based index templatesedit

Index templates can no longer be configured on disk. Use the _template API instead.

Analyze API changesedit

The Analyze API now returns the position of the first token as 0 instead of 1.

The prefer_local parameter has been removed. The _analyze API is a light operation and the caller shouldn’t be concerned about whether it executes on the node that receives the request or another node.

The text() method on AnalyzeRequest now returns String[] instead of String.

Removed id_cache from clear cache apiedit

The clear cache API no longer supports the id_cache option. Instead, use the fielddata option to clear the cache for the _parent field.