Geo queriesedit

Elasticsearch supports two types of geo data: geo_point fields which support lat/lon pairs, and geo_shape fields, which support points, lines, circles, polygons, multi-polygons etc.

The queries in this group are:

geo_shape query
Find document with geo-shapes which either intersect, are contained by, or do not intersect with the specified geo-shape.
geo_bounding_box query
Finds documents with geo-points that fall into the specified rectangle.
geo_distance query
Finds document with geo-points within the specified distance of a central point.
geo_distance_range query
Like the geo_point query, but the range starts at a specified distance from the central point.
geo_polygon query
Find documents with geo-points within the specified polygon.
geohash_cell query
Find geo-points whose geohash intersects with the geohash of the specified point.

Percolating geo-queries in Elasticsearch 2.2.0 or later

The new geo_point fields added in Elasticsearch 2.2.0 and above require that doc_values are enabled in order to function. Unfortunately, the in-memory index used by the percolator does not yet have support for doc_values, meaning that geo-queries will not work in a percolator index created in Elasticsearch 2.2.0 or later.

See Percolating geo-queries in Elasticsearch 2.2.0 and later for a workaround.