Java API changesedit

Transport API constructionedit

The TransportClient construction code has changed, it now uses the builder pattern. Instead of:

Settings settings = Settings.settingsBuilder()
        .put("", "myClusterName").build();
Client client = new TransportClient(settings);

Use the following:

Settings settings = Settings.settingsBuilder()
        .put("", "myClusterName").build();
Client client = TransportClient.builder().settings(settings).build();

The transport client also no longer supports loading settings from config files. If you have a config file, you can load it into settings yourself before constructing the transport client:

Settings settings = Settings.settingsBuilder()
Client client = TransportClient.builder().settings(settings).build();

Exception are only thrown on total failureedit

Previously, many APIs would throw an exception if any shard failed to execute the request. Now the exception is only thrown if all shards fail the request. The responses for these APIs will always have a getShardFailures method that you can and should check for failures.

IndexMissingException removed.edit

Use IndexNotFoundException instead.

Automatically thread client listenersedit

Previously, the user had to set request listener threads to true when on the client side in order not to block IO threads on heavy operations. This proved to be very trappy for users, and ended up creating problems that are very hard to debug.

In 2.0, Elasticsearch automatically threads listeners that are used from the client when the client is a node client or a transport client. Threading can no longer be manually set.

Query/filter refactoringedit

org.elasticsearch.index.queries.FilterBuilders has been removed as part of the merge of queries and filters. These filters are now available in QueryBuilders with the same name. All methods that used to accept a FilterBuilder now accept a QueryBuilder instead.

In addition some query builders have been removed or renamed:

  • commonTerms(...) renamed with commonTermsQuery(...)
  • queryString(...) renamed with queryStringQuery(...)
  • simpleQueryString(...) renamed with simpleQueryStringQuery(...)
  • textPhrase(...) removed
  • textPhrasePrefix(...) removed
  • textPhrasePrefixQuery(...) removed
  • filtered(...) removed. Use filteredQuery(...) instead.
  • inQuery(...) removed.


GetIndexRequest.features() now returns an array of Feature Enums instead of an array of String values.

The following deprecated methods have been removed:

  • GetIndexRequest.addFeatures(String[]) - Use GetIndexRequest.addFeatures(Feature[]) instead
  • GetIndexRequest.features(String[]) - Use GetIndexRequest.features(Feature[]) instead.
  • GetIndexRequestBuilder.addFeatures(String[]) - Use GetIndexRequestBuilder.addFeatures(Feature[]) instead.
  • GetIndexRequestBuilder.setFeatures(String[]) - Use GetIndexRequestBuilder.setFeatures(Feature[]) instead.

BytesQueryBuilder removededit

The redundant BytesQueryBuilder has been removed in favour of the WrapperQueryBuilder internally.

TermsQueryBuilder execution removededit

The TermsQueryBuilder#execution method has been removed as it has no effect, it is ignored by the corresponding parser.

ImmutableSettings removededit

Use Settings.builder() instead of ImmutableSettings.builder().

InetSocketTransportAddress removededit

Use InetSocketTransportAddress(InetSocketAddress address) instead of InetSocketTransportAddress(String, int). You can create an InetSocketAddress instance with InetSocketAddress(String, int). For example:

new InetSocketTransportAddress(new InetSocketAddress("", 0));

Request Builders refactoringedit

An action parameter has been added to various request builders:

  • Instead of new SnapshotsStatusRequestBuilder(elasticSearchClient) use new SnapshotsStatusRequestBuilder(elasticSearchClient, SnapshotsStatusAction.INSTANCE).
  • Instead of new CreateSnapshotRequestBuilder(elasticSearchClient) use new CreateSnapshotRequestBuilder(elasticSearchClient, CreateSnapshotAction.INSTANCE).
  • Instead of new CreateIndexRequestBuilder(elasticSearchClient, index) use new CreateIndexRequestBuilder(elasticSearchClient, CreateIndexAction.INSTANCE, index).

Shading and package relocation removededit

Elasticsearch used to shade its dependencies and to relocate packages. We no longer use shading or relocation. You might need to change your imports to the original package names:

  • was org.elasticsearch.common
  • com.carrotsearch.hppc was org.elasticsearch.common.hppc
  • jsr166e was org.elasticsearch.common.util.concurrent.jsr166e
  • com.fasterxml.jackson was org.elasticsearch.common.jackson
  • org.joda.time was org.elasticsearch.common.joda.time
  • org.joda.convert was org.elasticsearch.common.joda.convert
  • org.jboss.netty was org.elasticsearch.common.netty
  • com.ning.compress was org.elasticsearch.common.compress
  • com.github.mustachejava was org.elasticsearch.common.mustache
  • com.tdunning.math.stats was org.elasticsearch.common.stats
  • org.apache.commons.lang was org.elasticsearch.common.lang
  • org.apache.commons.cli was org.elasticsearch.common.cli.commons