Stats, info, and cat changesedit

Sigar removededit

We no longer ship the Sigar library for operating system dependent statistics, as it no longer seems to be maintained. Instead, we rely on the statistics provided by the JVM. This has resulted in a number of changes to the node info, and node stats responses:

  • network.* has been removed from nodes info and nodes stats.
  • fs.*.dev and fs.*.disk* have been removed from nodes stats.
  • os.* has been removed from nodes stats, except for os.timestamp, os.load_average, os.mem.*, and os.swap.*.
  • and have been removed from nodes info.
  • process.mem.resident and process.mem.share have been removed from node stats.

Removed id_cache from stats apisedit

Removed id_cache metric from nodes stats, indices stats and cluster stats apis. This metric has also been removed from the shards cat, indices cat and nodes cat apis. Parent/child memory is now reported under fielddata, because it has internally been using fielddata for a while now.

To just see how much parent/child related field data is taking, the fielddata_fields option can be used on the stats apis. Indices stats example:

GET /_stats/fielddata?fielddata_fields=_parent

Percolator statsedit

The total time spent running percolator queries is now called percolate.time instead of percolate.get_time.

Cluster state REST APIedit

The cluster state API doesn’t return the routing_nodes section anymore when routing_table is requested. The newly introduced routing_nodes flag can be used separately to control whether routing_nodes should be returned.

Index status APIedit

The deprecated index status API has been removed.

Nodes Stats APIedit

Queue lengths are now reported as basic numeric so they can easily processed by code. Before we used a human readable format. For example, a queue with 1,000 items is now reported as 1000 instead of 1k.