8.1 Release notesedit

8.1.2 Release notesedit


  • Fixes an issue with the generated API code. When updating the code generator for 8.x, the order of arguments.clone in the generated code was changed. This would make it so that we would modify the parameters passed in before cloning them, which is undesired. Issue: #1727.

8.1.1 Release notesedit

No release, no changes on the client.

8.1.0 Release notesedit

  • Tested versions of Ruby for 8.1.0: Ruby (MRI) 2.6, 2.7, 3.0 and 3.1, JRuby 9.3.


Updated for compatibility with Elasticsearch 8.1’s API.

New parameters:edit
  • indices.forcemerge - wait_for_completion Should the request wait until the force merge is completed.
  • indices.get - features Return only information on specified index features (options: aliases, mappings, settings).
  • ingest.put_pipeline if_version (Integer), required version for optimistic concurrency control for pipeline updates.
  • ml.delete_trained_model - timeout controls the amount of time to wait for the model to be deleted. force (Boolean) true if the model should be forcefully deleted.
  • ml.stop_trained_model_deployment - allow_no_match whether to ignore if a wildcard expression matches no deployments. (This includes _all string or when no deployments have been specified). force true if the deployment should be forcefully stopped. Adds body parameter, the stop deployment parameters.
  • nodes.hot_threads - sort the sort order for cpu type (default: total) (options: cpu, total)
Updated parameters:edit
  • indices.get_index_template - name is now a String, a pattern that returned template names must match.
  • knn_search - index removes option to use empty string to perform the operation on all indices.
  • ml.close_job, ml.get_job_stats, ml.get_jobs, ml.get_overall_buckets - Remove allow_no_jobs parameter.
  • ml.get_datafeed_stats, ml.get_datafeeds - Remove allow_no_datafeeds parameter.
  • nodes.hot_threads - type parameter adds mem option.
  • nodes.info - metric updated to use _all to retrieve all metrics and _none to retrieve the node identity without any additional metrics. (options: settings, os, process, jvm, thread_pool, transport, http, plugins, ingest, indices, aggregations, _all, _none). index_metric option shards changes to shard_stats.
  • open_point_in_time - keep_alive is now a required parameter.
  • search_mvt - grid_type parameter adds centroid option in addition to grid and point.
  • New experimental APIs, designed for internal use by the fleet server project: fleet.search, fleet.msearch.
New APIsedit
  • OpenID Connect Authentication: security.oidc_authenticate, security.oidc_logout, security.oidc_prepare_authentication.
  • transform.reset_transform.