7.14 Release notesedit

7.14.1 Release notesedit


  • Fixes for Manticore Implementation: Addresses custom headers on initialization (3732dd4) and fixes tracing (3c48ebd). Related to #1426 and #1428.

7.14.0 Release notesedit


Added check that client is connected to an Elasticsearch cluster. If the client isn’t connected to a supported Elasticsearch cluster the UnsupportedProductError exception will be raised.

This release changes the way in which the transport layer and the client interact. Previously, when using elasticsearch-transport, Elasticsearch::Transport::Client had a convenient wrapper, so it could be used as Elasticsearch::Client. Now, we are decoupling the transport layer from the Elasticsearch client. If you’re using the elasticsearch gem, not much will change. It will instantiate a new Elasticsearch::Transport::Client when you instantiate Elasticsearch::Client and the endpoints from elasticsearch-api will be available.

Elasticsearch::Client has an attr_accessor for the transport instance:

> client = Elasticsearch::Client.new
> client.transport.class
=> Elasticsearch::Transport::Client
> client.transport.transport.class
=> Elasticsearch::Transport::Transport::HTTP::Faraday

The interaction with elasticsearch-api remains unchanged. You can use the API endpoints just like before:

> client.info
=> {"name"=>"instance",
 "tagline"=>"You Know, for Search"}

Or perform request directly from the client which will return an Elasticsearch::Transport::Response object:

> client.perform_request('GET', '/')
# This is the same as doing client.transport.perform_request('GET', '/')
=> #<Elasticsearch::Transport::Transport::Response:0x000055c80bf94bc8
   "tagline"=>"You Know, for Search"},
  {"content-type"=>"application/json; charset=UTF-8",

If you have any problems, please report them in this issue.


Code is now generated from Elastic artifacts instead of checked out code of Elasticsearch. See the Generator README for more info.

  • Endpoints msearch, msearch_template and search_template remove query_and_fetch and dfs_query_and_fetch options from the search_type parameter.
  • New parameter include_repository in snapshot.get: (boolean) Whether to include the repository name in the snapshot info. Defaults to true.


X-Pack is being deprecated. The first time using xpack on the client, a warning will be triggered. Please check this issue for more information.

  • New endpoints: index_lifecycle_management.migrate_to_data_tiers, machine_learning.reset_job, security.saml_authenticate, security.saml_complete_logout, security.saml_invalidate, security.saml_logout, security.saml_prepare_authentication, security.saml_service_provider_metadata, sql.delete_async, sql.get_async, sql.get_async_status, terms_enum.
  • New experimental endpoints: machine_learning.infer_trained_model_deployment, machine_learning.start_trained_model_deployment, machine_learning.stop_trained_model_deployment.
  • Deprecation: indices.freeze and indices.unfreeze: Frozen indices are deprecated because they provide no benefit given improvements in heap memory utilization. They will be removed in a future release.