8.3 Release notesedit

8.3.0 Release notesedit

  • Tested versions of Ruby for 8.3.0: Ruby (MRI) 2.7, 3.0 and 3.1, JRuby 9.3.


  • Added build hash to auto generated code. The code generator obtains the git hash from the Elasticsearch specification and adds it as a comment in the code. This allows us to track the version for each generated class.
  • Updated for compatibility with Elasticsearch 8.3’s API.
API Changesedit
  • cluster.delete_voting_config_exclusions, cluster.post_voting_config_exclusions - Add new parameter master_timeout (Time) Timeout for submitting request to master.
  • machine_learning.infer_trained_model_deployment is renamed to machine_learning.infer_trained_model. The url /_ml/trained_models/{model_id}/deployment/_infer is deprecated since 8.3, use /_ml/trained_models/{model_id}/_infer instead.
  • machine_learning.preview_datafeed - Adds new parameters:

    • start (String) The start time from where the datafeed preview should begin
    • end (String) The end time when the datafeed preview should stop
  • machine_learning.start_trained_model_deployment - Adds new parameters:

    • number_of_allocations (Integer) The number of model allocations on each node where the model is deployed.
    • threads_per_allocation (Integer) The number of threads used by each model allocation during inference.
    • queue_capacity (Integer) Controls how many inference requests are allowed in the queue at a time.
  • search_mvt - Adds new parameter: with_labels (Boolean) If true, the hits and aggs layers will contain additional point features with suggested label positions for the original features
  • snapshot.get - Adds new parameter: index_names (Boolean) Whether to include the name of each index in the snapshot. Defaults to true.
New Experimental APIsedit
  • security.has_privileges_user_profile Determines whether the users associated with the specified profile IDs have all the requested privileges