7.5 Release notesedit

  • Support for Elasticsearch 7.5.
  • Update API spec generator: The code for Elasticsearch OSS and X-Pack APIs is being generated from the rest api spec.
  • Specs have been updated to address new/deprecated parameters.
  • Ruby versions tested: 2.3.8, 2.4.9, 2.5.7, 2.6.5 and 2.7.0 (new).


Endpoints that changed:

  • _bulk: body is now required as an argument.
  • cat: local and master_timeout parameters are gone.
  • health: New parameter health.
  • indices: Adds time and include_unload_segments parameters.
  • nodes: Adds bytes, time parameters.
  • pending_tasks: Adds time parameter.
  • recovery: Adds active_only, detailed, index, time parameters.
  • segments: Removes index parameter and it’s now a url part.
  • shards: Adds time parameter.
  • snapshots: Adds time parameter.
  • tasks: Adds time parameter.
  • templates: The name parameter is now passed in as a part but not a parameter.
  • thread_pool: The thread_pool_patterns parameter is now passed in as a part but not as a parameter.
  • cluster
  • put_settings: body is required.
  • state: index_templates is gone.
  • node_id is now a url part.
  • delete - parent parameter is gone.
  • delete_by_query: analyzer parameters are gone, max_docs is a new parameter, body is now a required parameter.
  • delete_by_query_rethrottle new endpoint.
  • delete_by_rethrottle - uses delete_by_query_rethrottle and hasn’t changed.
  • exists, exists_source, explain: parent parameter is gone.
  • field_caps: fields param is no longer required.
  • get: parent parameter is gone
  • get_source: parent parameter is gone
  • index: body parameter is required, wait_for_shard is a new parameter, consistency, include_type_name, parent, percolate, replication, timestamp, ttl parameters are gone
  • indices
  • get: feature paramatere was deprecated and is gone.
  • delete_aliases, put_alias: URL changed internally to aliases instead of alias but shouldn’t affect the client’s API.
  • render_search_template: id is now a part not a parameter
  • search: fielddata_fields, include_type_name, fields, ignore_indices, lowercase_expanded_terms, query_cache, source parameters are gone, ccs_minimize_roundtrips, track_scores are new parameters.
  • tasks - list: task_id is not supported anymore, it’s in get now.
  • termvectors: parent parameter is gone.
  • update: version parameter is not supported anymore.


Some urls changed internally to remove _xpack, but it shouldn’t affect the client’s API.

  • explore: index is now required.
  • info: human parameter is gone.
  • migration: some endpoints are gone: get_assistance, get_assistance_test and upgrade_test.
  • watcher: restart endpoint is gone.