7.13 Release notesedit

7.13.3 Release notesedit

  • API Support for Elasticsearch version 7.13.3

7.13.2 Release notesedit

  • Mute release, yanked from RubyGems.

7.13.1 Release notesedit


  • Fixes thread safety issue in get_connection - Pull Request.

7.13.0 Release notesedit


  • Support for Elasticsearch version 7.13.0
  • Adds support for compatibility header for Elasticsearch. If the environment variable ELASTIC_CLIENT_APIVERSIONING is set to true or 1, the client will send the headers Accept and Content-Type with the following value: application/vnd.elasticsearch+json;compatible-with=7.
  • Better detection of Elasticsearch and Enterprise Search clients in the meta header used by cloud.


  • The REST API tests now use an artifact downloaded from the Elastic servers instead of depending of cloning elasticsearch locally. Check the README for more information.
  • New parameter include_unloaded_segments in cat.nodes, nodes.stats: If set to true segment stats will include stats for segments that are not currently loaded into memory
  • New parameter summary in ingest.get_pipeline: Return pipelines without their definitions (default: false)
  • New parameter index_details in snapshot.get: Whether to include details of each index in the snapshot, if those details are available. Defaults to false.
  • New endpoint features.reset_features, ingest/geo_ip_stats
  • New experimental endpoints: shutdown.delete_node, shutdown.get_node, shutdown.put_node.


  • Refactored test tasks, made it easier to run the tests by default.
  • New experimental endpoints: fleet.global_checkpoints, searchable_snapshots.cache_stats.
  • New beta endpoints: security.clear_cached_service_tokens, security.create_service_token, security.delete_service_token, security.get_service_accounts, security.get_service_credentials
  • New endpoints: machine_learning.delete_trained_model_alias, machine_learning.preview_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.put_trained_model_alias.
  • APIs migrated from experimental or beta to stable: machine_learning.delete_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.delete_trained_model, machine_learning.estimate_model_memory, machine_learning.explain_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.get_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.get_data_frame_analytics_stats, machine_learning.get_trained_models, machine_learning.get_trained_models_stats, machine_learning.put_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.put_trained_model, machine_learning.start_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.stop_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.update_data_frame_analytics
  • New parameter body in machine_learning.preview_datafeed: The datafeed config and job config with which to execute the preview.