7.11 Release notesedit

7.11.2 Release notesedit


  • Bug fix in meta header, fixes fail when http adapter library hasn’t been loaded yet: Issue.

7.11.1 Release notesedit


  • Bug fix in meta header, adds support for unknown Faraday adapters. Pull Request.

7.11.0 Release notesedit


  • Support for Elasticsearch version 7.11.0.
  • Fixes a bug with headers in our default Faraday class. Commit.
  • Adds the X-Elastic-Client-Meta HTTP header which is used by Elastic Cloud and can be disabled with the enable_meta_header parameter set to false.


  • cat.tasks - Parameter node_id changes name to nodes, a comma-separated list of node IDS or names. Parameter parent_task changes name to parent_task_id.
  • APIs that are no longer experimental: cluster.delete_component_template, cluster.exists_component_template, cluster.get_component_template, cluster.put_component_template, indices.delete_index_template, indices.exists_index_template, indices.get_index_template, indices.put_index_template, indices.simulate_index_template, indices.simulate_template.
  • Deprecation notice: The _upgrade API is no longer useful and will be removed. Instead, see _reindex API. Deprecated since version 8.0.0. Endpoints: indices.get_upgrade, indices.upgrade


  • New endpoints:async_search.status, autoscaling.get_autoscaling_capacity (experimental), indices.migrate_to_data_stream, indices.promote_data_stream, machine_learning.upgrade_job_snapshot, rollup.rollup, watcher.query_watches.
  • APIs that are no longer experimental: eql.delete, eql.get, eql.search,
  • APIs promoted from experimental to beta: machine_learning.delete_data_frame_analytics, ml.delete_trained_model, machine_learning.evaluate_data_frame, machine_learning.explain_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.get_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.get_datafeed_stats, machine_learning.get_trained_models, machine_learning.get_trained_models_stats, machine_learning.put_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.put_trained_model, machine_learning.start_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.stop_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.update_data_frame_analytics
  • indices.delete_data_stream, indices.get_data_stream add parameter expand_wildcards, wether wildcard expressions should get expanded to open or closed indices (default: open). Options: open, closed, hidden, none, all.
  • machine_learning.get_data_frame_analytics, machine_learning.get_datafeeds, machine_learning.get_jobs, machine_learning.get_trained_models, transform.get_transform add parameter exclude_generated - omits fields that are illegal to set on PUT.
  • data_frame_transform_deprecated.get_transform (_data_frame/transforms/ is deprecated, use _transform/ in the future) adds parameter exclude_generated - omits generated files.