8.7 Release notesedit

8.7.1 Release notesedit

API Bugfixedit

  • Updates logstash.get_pipeline, fixed in the specification id is not a required parameter, so removes raising ArgumentError when id is not present.

8.7.0 Release notesedit

  • Tested versions of Ruby for 8.7.0: Ruby (MRI) 2.7, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. JRuby 9.3 and JRuby 9.4. Ruby 2.7’s end of life is coming in a few days, so this’ll probably be the last release to test for Ruby 2.7.


New APIsedit
  • health_report - Returns the health of the cluster.
  • transform.schedule_now_transform - Schedules now a transform.
API Changesedit
  • transform.get_transform_stats - Adds timeout (Time) parameter. Controls the time to wait for the stats.
  • transform.start_transform - Adds from (String) parameter. Restricts the set of transformed entities to those changed after this time.
  • ml.delete_job, ml.reset_job - Add delete_user_annotations (Boolean) parameter. Should annotations added by the user be deleted.
  • ml.clear_trained_model_deployment_cache, ml.infer_trained_model, ml.put_trained_model_definition_part, ml.put_trained_model_vocabulary, ml.start_trained_model_deployment, ml.stop_trained_model_deployment - These APIs are no longer in Beta.