8.8 Release notesedit

8.8.0 Release notesedit

  • Tested versions of Ruby for 8.8.0: Ruby (MRI) 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. JRuby 9.3 and JRuby 9.4.


  • Updates development dependency minitest-reporters to >= 1.6 to include showing failures at the end of the test run.
New APIsedit
  • watcher.get_settings - Retrieve settings for the watcher system index.
  • watcher.update_settings - Update settings for the watcher system index.
New Experimental APIsedit
  • indices.delete_data_lifecycle- Deletes the data lifecycle of the selected data streams
  • indices.explain_data_lifecycle - Retrieves information about the index’s current DLM lifecycle, such as any potential encountered error, time since creation etc.
  • indices.get_data_lifecycle - Returns the data lifecycle of the selected data streams.
  • indices.put_data_lifecycle - Updates the data lifecycle of the selected data streams.
  • search_application.delete - Deletes a search application.
  • search_application.delete_behavioral_analytics - Delete a behavioral analytics collection.
  • search_application.get - Returns the details about a search application.
  • search_application.get_behavioral_analytics - Returns the existing behavioral analytics collections.
  • search_application.list - Returns the existing search applications.
  • search_application.post_behavioral_analytics_event - Creates a behavioral analytics event for existing collection.
  • search_application.put - Creates or updates a search application.
  • search_application.put_behavioral_analytics - Creates a behavioral analytics collection.
  • search_application.search - Perform a search against a search application.
API Changesedit
  • clear_scroll now works with the argument ignore: 404. Issue on GitHub.
  • The code generator was updated to fix a bug for ignore: 404. APIs that were supposed to support this wouldn’t parse the parameters correctly. The support it now: security.get_role, watcher.delete_watch
  • cluster.get_component_template, indices.get_data_stream, indices.get_index_template, indices.simulate_index_template, indices.simulate_template - Add include_defaults (Boolean) parameter: Return all default configurations for the component template (default: false).
  • machine_learning.put_trained_model - Adds wait_for_completion (Boolean) parameter: Whether to wait for all child operations(e.g. model download) to complete, before returning or not (default: false).
  • machine_learning.start_trained_model_deployment - Adds deployiment_id (String) parameter: The Id of the new deployment. Defaults to the model_id if not set.
  • search - Adds include_named_queries_score (Boolean) parameter: Indicates whether hit.matched_queries should be rendered as a map that includes the name of the matched query associated with its score (true) or as an array containing the name of the matched queries (false).
  • transform.delete_transform - Adds delete_dest_index (Boolean) parameter: When true, the destination index is deleted together with the transform. The default value is false, meaning that the destination index will not be deleted.