7.8 Release notesedit

7.8.1 Release notesedit


  • Support for Elasticsearch version 7.8.1.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug on the API endpoints documentation for RubyDocs: there was an unnecessary empty new line in the documentation for parameters that have options. So the parameters before that empty newline were not being documented in RubyDocs.


API Changesedit
  • Update to info endpoint. New parameter accept_enterprise (boolean): If an enterprise license is installed, return the type and mode as enterprise (default: false).

7.8.0 Release notesedit


  • Support for Elasticsearch version 7.8.
  • Surface deprecation headers from Elasticsearch. When there’s a warning response header in Elasticsearch’s response, the client will emit a warning with warn.
  • Typhoeus is supported again, version 1.4+ and has been added back to the docs.
  • Adds documentation and example for integrating with Elastic APM.


New API Endpointsedit
  • abort_benchmark
  • benchmark
  • cluster.delete_voting_config_exclusions
  • cluster.post_voting_config_exclusions
  • delete_by_rethrottle
  • nodes.shutdown
  • remote.info

Experimental endpoints:

  • cluster.delete_component_template
  • cluster.exists_component_template
  • cluster.get_component_template
  • cluster.put_component_template
  • indices.delete_index_template
  • indices.exists_index_template
  • indices.get_index_template
  • indices.put_index_template
  • indices.simulate_index_template
API Changesedit
  • cat/thread_pool: size is deprecated.
  • indices.get_data_streams: name is now a string instead of list, the name or wildcard expression of the requested data streams.
  • indices.put_index_template: new parameter: cause (string), user defined reason for creating/updating the index template.
  • indices.simulate_index_template: Two new parameters: create, whether the index template we optionally defined in the body should only be dry-run added if new or can also replace an existing one. cause User defined reason for dry-run creating the new template for simulation purposes.
  • snapshot.delete_repository: New parameter repository, name of the snapshot repository, wildcard (*) patterns are now supported.
  • task.cancel: new parameter wait_for_completion (boolean) Should the request block until the cancellation of the task and its descendant tasks is completed. Defaults to false.


New API Endpointsedit

New namespace: indices

  • indices.freeze
  • indices.reload_search_analyzers
  • indices.unfreeze

New namespace: searchable_snapshots

  • clear_cache
  • mount
  • repository_stats
  • stats
API Changesedit
  • machine_learning.delete_expired_data new param body: deleting expired data parameters.
  • machine_learning.delete_data_frame_analytics new param timeout: controls the time to wait until a job is deleted. Defaults to 1 minute.