7.7 Release notesedit

This version drops support for Ruby 2.4 since it’s reached it’s end of life.


  • Support for Elasticsearch version 7.7
Custom Headersedit

You can set custom HTTP headers on the client’s initializer or pass them as a parameter to any API endpoint. More info and code examples.


API Changesedit
  • Clean: Removes up some deprecated endpoints: abort_benchmark, benchmark, delete_by_rethrottle, nodes.shutdown, remote.info.
  • expand_wildcards Whether to expand wildcard expressions to concrete indices that are open, closed or both. Options: open, closed, hidden, none, all. hidden option is new. It was also added to the following endpoints: cat.aliases, cat.indices.
  • delete_by_query: Parameter slices can now be set to auto.
  • reindex: Parameter slices can now be set to auto.
  • update_by_query: Parameter slices can now be set to auto.
  • snapshot.cleanup_repository: Parameter body is removed.
New API Endpointsedit
  • cluster.delete_component_template
  • cluster.get_component_template
  • cluster.put_component_template
  • indices.create_data_stream (experimental)
  • indices.delete_data_stream (experimental)
  • indices.get_data_stream (experimental)


API Changesedit
  • machine_learing.get_trained_models: New parameter tags
  • machine_learning.put_datafeed, machine_learning.update_datafeed: Added parameters ignore_unavailable, allow_no_indices, ignore_throttled, expand_wildcards
  • reload_secure_settings: New parameter body, an object containing the password for the keystore.
New API Endpointsedit
  • async_search.delete
  • async_search.get
  • async_search.submit
  • cat.ml_data_frame_analytics
  • cat.ml_datafeeds
  • cat.ml_jobs
  • cat.ml_trained_models
  • cat.transform
  • cat.transforms
  • machine_learning.estimate_model_memory
  • transform.delete_transform
  • transform.get_transform
  • transform.get_transform_stats
  • transform.preview_transform
  • transform.put_transform
  • transform.start_transform
  • transform.stop_transform
  • transform.update_transform