8.2 Release notesedit

8.2.2 Release notesedit

  • Updates dependency on elastic-transport to ~> 8.0

8.2.1 Release notesedit

No release, no changes on the client.

8.2.0 Release notesedit

  • Tested versions of Ruby for 8.2.0: Ruby (MRI) 2.7, 3.0 and 3.1, JRuby 9.3.


Updated for compatibility with Elasticsearch 8.2’s API.

New parameters:edit
  • field_caps

    • filters An optional set of filters: can include +metadata,-metadata,-nested,-multifield,-parent
    • types Only return results for fields that have one of the types in the list
New APIsedit
  • cat.component_templates - Returns information about existing component_templates templates.
  • ml.get_memory_stats - Returns information on how ML is using memory.
New Experimental APIsedit
  • security.activate_user_profile - Creates or updates the user profile on behalf of another user.
  • security.disable_user_profile - Disables a user profile so it’s not visible in user profile searches.
  • security.enable_user_profile - Enables a user profile so it’s visible in user profile searches.
  • security.get_user_profile - Retrieves a user profile for the given unique ID.
  • security.suggest_user_profiles - Get suggestions for user profiles that match specified search criteria.
  • security.update_user_profile_data - Update application specific data for the user profile of the given unique ID.