Getting started with Elastic on AWS

Sign up and deploy Elastic in minutes with just a few clicks. Quickly and easily get started ingesting data from your favorite AWS services. Try it out with a free 7-day trial.

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Make your data observable, actionable, and secure with Elastic and AWS
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Bring the power of Elasticsearch to all of your AWS data for observability, security, and enterprise search.
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With Elastic on AWS, Smarter City Solutions ensures seamless customer experiences.
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Start bringing data in from your favorite AWS services

Take advantage of the latest experience when you sign up through the AWS marketplace. Automatically provision the Elastic Agent, allowing you to easily bring data in from your favorite AWS services. Centralize your analytics within a single UI and search across your environment for the information you need the most.

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Explore the cloud with Elastic on AWS

For more information on getting started, read through our resources below. If you’re ready to dive in, check out our documentation for everything you need to know about Elastic on AWS.

  • Observe your AWS environment

    Discover how to configure Elastic Observability with AWS services so you can monitor and react to events within your environment.

  • Seamlessly ingest your data

    Read examples of how Elastic and AWS integrations help ensure operational efficiencies, accelerate time to value, and control costs.

  • Migrate to Elastic on AWS

    Check out this step-by-step guide on migrating your existing self-managed Elasticsearch clusters to Elastic on AWS.


Elastic on AWS best practices

Check out these resources for best practices on getting started with Elastic on AWS.

  • Prepare for production

    Ensure you’re all set for production as you ramp up on Elastic on AWS.

  • Keep your deployment healthy

    Leverage these best practices to help you monitor and understand the ongoing state of your deployment and resources.

  • Index and manage data

    Understand how to manage and get data into Elastic to solve your search, observability, and security use cases.

  • Improve network security

    Learn how to take advantage of AWS PrivateLink to gain greater control over the network security layer of your Elastic deployments.

  • Configure security

    Take advantage of the following steps to further secure your Elastic Cloud deployments.