AWS Marketplace billingedit

AWS Marketplace billing is a convenient way to subscribe to Elasticsearch Service if you already use Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS Marketplace billing, you can add an Elasticsearch Service subscription right to your AWS bill and do not have to supply any additional credit card information to Elastic.

Some differences exist when using AWS Marketplace billing:

  • There is no trial offered with AWS Marketplace billing. Billing starts when you subscribe to Elasticsearch Service.
  • Previous Elasticsearch Service accounts cannot be converted to AWS Marketplace billing. If you already have an account, you must use a different email address when you sign up for a subscription through the AWS Marketplace.
  • Pricing for an Elasticsearch Service subscription through the AWS Marketplace differs from our direct billing model and follows the pricing outlined on the Elasticsearch Service on the AWS Marketplace page. Pricing is based on the location (EU, US, AP), the RAM size of your cluster in GB, and the level of high availability, billed per hour.
  • Billing details for your Elasticsearch Service subscription are shown in the AWS Marketplace billing console. It can take a day or two before new charges show up. If charges do not show up quickly enough, you can estimate your costs based on the formula in the next bullet.
  • Billing information in the Elasticsearch Service Console indicates only the general pricing details and hourly usage. Costs can be estimated based on the pricing information provided. For example, if you create a highly available cluster across two availability zones in a US region each with a instance with 8 GB of RAM, the hourly cost would be the US - rate x 8 GB of RAM x 2 availability zones.

Some functional differences also exist for subscriptions billed through AWS Marketplace. To learn more, see APM with AWS Marketplace subscriptions or Cross-cluster search unavailable with AWS.

If you want to convert an existing Elasticsearch Service account to AWS Marketplace billing, you must migrate your deployments over to the new account. To migrate, use a custom repository to take a snapshot and then restore that snapshot to a new deployment under your AWS Marketplace account. If you also want to use the same account email with AWS Marketplace billing, you must first change the primary email on your existing account before setting up your new AWS Marketplace account as shown in these steps.

To subscribe to Elasticsearch Service through AWS Marketplace billing:

  1. Go to Elasticsearch Service on the AWS Marketplace and click Continue to Subscribe.
  2. Log in to your Amazon Web Services account, if you aren’t already.
  3. Click Subscribe and then Set Up Your Account.
  4. Enter your details on the Elasticsearch Service subscription page and click Sign up.

    An email is sent to the address you specified with a link to confirm your signup. The link is valid for one hour. If you don’t see the email after a few minutes, check your spam folder.

  5. Click the link to verify the email address and accept the terms of service (TOS).
  6. Choose a password.

After you have set your password, you are directed to the Elasticsearch Service Console where you can start creating deployments.