Getting started

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Need a simple logging solution and want to give our Elasticsearch Service a try? Or perhaps you want to start with Elasticsearch and Kibana to search and visualize your data, and add machine learning when you’re ready? With our deployments running the Elastic Stack, you can. The same goes for deploying a hot-warm architecture with automatic index curation for more complex logging use cases and many other deployments. We know that use cases come in all shapes and sizes. The purpose of Elasticsearch Service is to work for yours.

To get started:

  • Sign Up for a Trial - Sign up, see what your free trial includes and when we require a credit card.
  • Set up Elasticsearch Service Private - For those that need a dedicated environment, you’ll need to follow these steps instead of starting a trial.
  • Create Your Deployment - Get up and running with the Elastic Stack in just a few clicks. Your deployment pre-configures Elasticsearch, Kibana, and other Elastic products for you. Everything works together, everything runs on hardware that is optimized for your use case.
  • Access Kibana - Try out some sample data and start visualizing with Kibana, our open-source visualization tool.
  • Work with Elasticsearch - Learn how to index, retrieve, and update your data in Elasticsearch.
  • Work with Elasticsearch clients - Communicate with an Elasticsearch cluster in a language client of your choice.
  • Next Steps - Enable more features, such as monitoring, sending data from Beats and Logstash, and more.