The Path to Intelligent Operation with NetApp OnCommand Insight

OnCommand Insight is a sophisticated management and monitoring product for hybrid IT infrastructures on public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises environments. The platform collects telemetry from applications and systems, network, and storage infrastructure, and the analytics are built on Elasticsearch and use X-Pack machine learning features to alert on anomalous system behavior.

Learn about the technical architecture of the product, including the tradeoffs and design decisions that led to replacing Cassandra with Elasticsearch, optimizing Elasticsearch for an embedded use-case, and the move from alerting based on static thresholds to using X-Pack machine learning features. Plus, hear about lessons learned and insights from running Elasticsearch embedded in our product at hundreds of customers.

Keren Dagan

Senior Product Manager, NetApp

Keren Dagan is a Senior Product Manager at NetApp. At NetApp OnCommand Insight, he is responsible to evangelize and deliver advanced Analytics technologies for improving customers' IT operations, minimizing the troubleshooting time.

Prior to NetApp, Keren was a senior engineering manager at IBM where he was developing highly scalable distributed complex event processing platforms using streaming technologies. Keren has been leading engineers at both startups and large public companies, extracting insight and value out of data.

Keren has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv - Yaffo, and an MBA from Boston University.

At the Elastic{ON} 2017 conference Francisco and Keren were exposed to a great cappuccino and this is the true reason why they came to Elastic{ON} 2018.

Francisco Rosa

Software Engineer, NetApp

Francisco Assis Rosa is a hands-on software architect at NetApp. He has worn several hats during his 20+ years career ranging from software development to sysadmin and DBA roles. In his current role at NetApp he has spearheaded the effort to migrate into an Elasticsearch supported dynamic and scalable infrastructure. He is known for his addiction to chocolate and, since the last two Elastic{ON} conferences, addiction to cappuccinos.