Replacing Legacy Product Search with Elasticsearch at IEEE GlobalSpec

In 2017, IEEE GlobalSpec replaced their legacy product search with an Elasticsearch cluster. Starting with an index of approximately 20 million product documents and an eye toward scaling, the team leveraged built-in Elasticsearch functionalities to solve their unique search challenges. Today their backend environment consists of seven Elasticsearch nodes with a gateway service sitting in the front to analyze user requests and add business logic.

Learn why IEEE GlobalSpec chose Elasticsearch, see the topology of their cluster, and learn how they're combining aggregations to solve diversification issues and searching across vastly different types of reference content to deliver the very best results at search time.

Kathleen DeRusso

Kathleen DeRusso is a Principal Software Engineer at IEEE GlobalSpec, and works on a team focused on search technology powering websites like and She has an MBA from The College of St Rose and a BA in Computer Science from SUNY Albany. When she's not working on search, her interests are reading and kayaking.

Trevor Gray

Trevor Gray is a Senior Software Engineer at IEEE GlobalSpec. He works on a team focused on search technology powering websites like and He has B.S.'s in Mechanical Engineering and DIS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, but found his passion in software while working at IEEE GlobalSpec. When not working, he can usually be found dancing with his friends at Troy Dance Factory.