¿Está Buscando Un Doctor? Kyruus' Guide to Find a Doctor in Spanish

Kyruus believes every patient has a right to access medical care. However, most provider searches at hospitals fail to serve a large population: Spanish speakers. That's why Kyruus is developing solutions to help the 40 million Spanish speakers in the US search for and find the most clinically relevant medical providers.

Software engineer Michelle Chen explains how Kyruus uses certain Elasticsearch features to create a better Spanish-language search experience. She discusses the differences between Spanish and English text searches and how Kyruus adds medical jargon search capabilities to both languages.

You will learn tips for better serving Spanish speakers in all search-based applications so you can start your own multilingual search project.

Michelle Chen

Senior Software Engineer, Kyruus

Michelle Chen is a Senior Software Engineer on the Search Team at Kyruus in Boston. Her team works directly to provide search, scheduling, and data management solutions that help health systems match patients with the right providers. Michelle earned her B.S. and M.Eng in Computer Science from MIT.