Release Notes

Backward Compatibility Breaks

  • Rename elasticsearch index pattern to [packetbeat-]YYYY.MM.DD in Kibana
  • Rename ‘strip_authorization’ config file option from the http module to 'redact_authorization'
  • Set ‘save_topology’ config file option to false by default

Bug Fixes

  • Support for lower-case header names when redacting http authorization headers
  • Redact proxy-authorization if redact-authorization is enabled
  • Fix some multithreading issues #203
  • Fix negative response time #216
  • Fix Memcache TCP connection being null after dropping stream data. #299


    • All external dependencies were updated to the latest version. Update to Golang 1.5.1 #162
    • Allow setting the Elasticsearch host in different ways, by IP:PORT or URL #135
    • Add logstash output plugin #151
    • Add tls configuration support to elasticsearch and logstash outputers #139
    • Add direction field to publisher output to indicate inbound/outbound transactions #150 #317
    • Made the -devices option more user friendly in case sudo is not used. Issue #296
    • Publish expired DNS transactions #301
    • Make transaction timeouts configurable #300
    • Update ./ script from the beats-dashboards repository to configure automatically the index pattern in Kibana
    • Improve Packetbeat documentation