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Release Notes


  • Upgrade to Lucene 4.7.2 #5802
  • Geo Point Mapping: Allow to parse lat/lon as strings and coerce them #5626
  • Test cluster: Moved wipe* methods, randomIndexTemplate & ensureEstimatedStats to TestCluster #5542

Bug fixes

  • Mapping API: Fix include_in_all for multi field #5522
  • Mapping API: Throw error when updating binary field mapping to be stored #5474
  • Mapping API: geo_point doesn't allow null values as of 1.1.0 #5680
  • Mapping API: Ensure mapping is propagated to master at all times, even if index creation failed #5623
  • Mapping API: Ensure that TTL cleanup thread does not accidentally create indices again #5766
  • Mapping API: Propagate percolate mapping changes to cluster state #5776
  • Snapshot/Restore API: Snapshot status failing without repository #5790
  • Snapshot/Restore API: SnapshotMetaData.fromXContent does not match toXContent, but throws an Exception #5615
  • Internal: Ensure pending merges are updated on segment flushes #5779
  • Internal: Replace InternalSearchResponse#EMPTY with InternalSearchResponse#empty() to prevent out-of-scope modification of that instance #5775
  • Internal: Return to use ConcurrentMergeScheduler #5817
  • Internal: Closing an IndexReader on an already relocated / closed shard could cause memory leaks #5825
  • cat API: _cat plugin endpoint throws an exception #5778
  • Allocation: Fix format string for DiskThresholdDecider reroute explanation #5749
  • Allocation: Failed shards could be re-assigned to the same nodes if multiple replicas failed at once #5725
  • Aggregations: A nested nested aggregation falls outside of its parent nested aggregation bounds #5728
  • Field data: Percolator doesn't reduce CircuitBreaker stats in every case #5588
  • Field data: Fixed eager fielddata loading #5557
  • Bulk API: Ensure that specific failures do not affect whole request #4987
  • Search API: Prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsSelection on counter which selects a random shard in case of a lot of searches #5559
  • Search Template API: endpoint now supports source parameter #5556
  • REST Scroll API: Clear scroll should accept scroll_id in body #5726
  • REST Scroll API: Throw useful error when invalid scroll_id is specified #5738
  • Search stats: Make sure successful operations are counted correct if second search phase is fast #5713
  • Scripting: ScriptDocValues.EMPTY doesn't implement getValue, resulting in different behaviour if no document in a segment had a value #5646
  • Cluster State: Clusterstate misses the cluster name as it's identifier #5622
  • Tribe node: Fixing errors on start up #5582
  • Index Template API: Fixed issue with dynamic mapping in Elasticsearch #5256