Elasticsearch 0.20.6

Release Notes

Upgrade Notes:

  • Upgrading from 0.19 requires a full cluster restart.


  • Simplified range syntax when using a query string (#2655)
  • Clear cache: allow to invalidate specific filter cache keys (#2653)
  • Network: A closed channel might not always fire up a close event (#2733)

Bug fixes:

  • TooManyOpenFiles might cause data-loss in ElasticSearch (Lucene) (#2812)
  • Repeated ConnectExceptions in logs until node is restarted (#2766)
  • has_child query AVG score mode does not always work correctly (#2750)
  • has_child returns parent and child (#2744)
  • Problems with range searches for time with lte (#2731)
  • NullPointerException when applying a sort and using ignoreMapped(true) and the field does not exist (0.20.5) (#2711)
  • malformed elasticsearch.yml causes unresponsive hang (#2693)
  • Using Java node client and deleting all indexes cause system hungs (#2692)
  • Bug when searching concrete and routing aliased indices (#2682)
  • Index dynamic settings might not be allowed to be applied on master with no data node (#2675)
  • Master node operations might be executed twice (#2658)
  • null pointer exception in 19.8. same code path exists in master branch (#2546)