Elasticsearch 0.19.5

Release Notes

Upgrade Notes:

  • Upgrading from 0.18 requires issuing a full flush of all the indices in the cluster (curl host:9200/_flush) before shutting down the cluster, with no indexing operations happening after the flush.
  • The local gateway state structure has changed, a backup of the state files is created when upgrading, they can then be used to downgrade back to 0.18. Don’t downgrade without using them.

New features:

  • Store Throttling (node level and/or index level) with options on merge or all (#2041)
  • Stored Fields Compression (#2037)
  • Store Compression: Term Vector Vector (#2049)


  • Return 503 when threadpool limit is reached (#2048)
  • Allow to pass es.default. settings to the process, using it as default value unless specified in the config file (#2016)
  • Allow to filter client and “just” data nodes from controlling elected master (default client to true) (#2014)
  • Upgrade to Netty 3.5.0.Final (#2013)
  • Init script in Debian package ignores some options in elasticsearch.yml (#1765)
  • Index level allocation filtering: Add _host option (#1991)
  • Multi Search API: Allow to set search_type on REST endpoint URI to apply to all search requests (#2023)
  • Query DSL:
    • Add more fuzzy options in different queries (text, query_string/field) (#1974)
    • Add max_boost to custom_filters_score to cap boosting (#1973)
    • term/terms filter performance improvement (bulk reading) (#1972)
    • text query to support minimum_should_match (#1971)
    • Add null_value and existence to missing filter, filtering both null values and missing fields (#1970)
  • Rest API: Add HEAD support for /{index}/{type}/{id} to quickly check if doc exists or not (#2047)

Bug fixes:

  • Failure to recover properly on node(s) restart (#2046)
  • Improve cluster resiliency to disconnected sub clusters + fix a shard allocation bug with quick rolling restarts (#2042)
  • fix bug index.ttl.disable_purge should be in IndexMetaData (#2020)
  • .DS_Store file in .deb package (#2017)
  • Quoted query_string gives NullPointerException with not_analyzed field (0.19.4) (#2006)
  • TransportClient does not load plugins (#1982)
  • Get mapping with no index specified on an empty cluster returns 404 (#1976)
  • River name re-use not possible between node shutdowns (#1921)