Elasticsearch 0.19.0.RC2

Release Notes

Upgrade Notes:

  • Upgrading from 0.18 requires issuing a full flush of all the indices in the cluster (curl host:9200/_flush) before shutting down the cluster, with no indexing operations happening after the flush.
  • The local gateway state structure has changed, a backup of the state files is created when upgrading, they can then be used to downgrade back to 0.18. Don’t downgrade without using them.


  • Avoid placing a shard replica on the same machine as shard itself (#1680)
  • GC logging: Enable back automatic gc logging based on thresholds (even if last gc is not available) (#1679)
  • Index API: Don’t wait for new mappings to be applied on the cluster by default (#1677)
  • Nodes Info API: Add all flag to return all data (#1676)

Bug fixes:

  • Transport buffer overrun can happen because of byte buffer reading optimization introduced in 0.19.0.RC1 (#1686)