Elasticsearch 0.17.5

Release Notes

New features:

  • Mapping: Allow to enable automatic numeric types detection new fields with a string value (#1233)


  • Invalidate cache stats when clearing the cache (#1220)
  • Allow setting _index and _type with CouchDB river (#1219)
  • Store/index content type (#1209)
  • Improve how versioning are read to reduce (deleted) open file handles (#1230)
  • Highlighting: For fast term vector highlighting, allow to control the fragment offset (#1223)

Bug fixes:

  • Rare deadlock when introducing new mapping fields/objects (#1222)
  • When flushing, old transaction log is not removed (#1180)
  • Full field paths not respected in sort parameters (#1226)
  • Failed shard recovery can cause shard data to be deleted (replicas will still work) (#1227)
  • Java API TransportClient can fail on remote node shutdown instead of retrying the next connected node under heavy load (#1229)
  • Failure to reduce geo distance sorting (class case exception) (#1234)
  • Updating index.auto_expand_replicas might not be applied correctly (#1237)
  • Peer recovery process can sometimes not reuse the same index files allocated on a possible node (#1238)
  • CouchDB River: Custom script does not convert the modified doc properly to be indexed (#1225)
  • Scripts: arrays: “.multiValued” returns true even when “.values” fails (#1145)
  • Thrift Transport: Uses wrong array offset into the underlying buffer (#1232)