Elasticsearch 0.17.2

Release Notes

New features:

  • Index Settings: Add index.recovery.initial_shards controlling the number of shards to exists when using local gateway (#1163)
  • Query DSL:
    • custom_filters_score (#1140)
    • Allow to associate a custom cache key with a filter (#1142)


  • Fail shard (recovery) allocation on a node when the index does not exists (#1148)
  • Improve peer recovery of index files to reduce chances of corruption (#1158)
  • Local Gateway: Allow to set gateway.local.initial_shards to quorum-1 (#1160)

Bug fixes:

  • Reusing query parser in WrapperQueryParser produces invalid queries (#1143)
  • File#mkdirs gets stuck, might be concurrency issue (#1147)
  • Search / Broadcast concurrency bug can result in response corruption / errors (#1152)
  • Bulk API: _version on delete actions is not honored (#1156)
  • Get API:
    • Will always prefer first local execution, regardless of the preference (#1153)
    • a get for a document that does not exists can cause open file handles leak (#1167)
  • Java API: BoostingQueryBuilder does not build the query correctly (#1141)
  • Mapping: default mapping type with root level date_formats can cause recursive addition of them to the mapping (#1168)
  • Search API: REST endpoint should use default operation_threading of thread_per_shard (#1154)
  • Unicast Discovery: Clusters under different cluster names can cause failed discovery (#1159)
  • Update Settings: Changing the number of replicas does cause allocation / deallocation of shards (#1162)