Graph Exploration for the Elastic Stack

Graph introduces a new way to discover, and explore, the relationships that live in your data. Adding relevance to the process of exploration, a unique combination of graph and search means you can do things like detect fraud, recommend content, and more.

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Graph 2.3+

Compatible with the latest versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana

Step 1: Install Graph into Elasticsearch bin/plugin install license
bin/plugin install graph
Step 2: Install Graph into Kibana bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/graph/latest
Step 3: Start Elasticsearch and Kibana bin/elasticsearch
Step 4: Navigate to http://localhost:5601/app/graph

Step 5: Dive into the Getting Started Guide.

Running a cluster without Internet access? See our offline installation instructions.

View the release notes and version compatibility information.

Are you running Elastic Stack 5.0 Alpha? Install X-Pack 5.0 Alpha.


Dive into the documentation for more details about how Graph works and how to easily secure your Elasticsearch cluster.

Questions? Suggestions? Make Graph even better by sharing your feedback in our community forum.

Take a tour of the product by viewing the Graph webinar.


Have questions about purchasing, setup assistance, or Graph in general? Fantastic. We love a good query. Contact us and we'll be in touch.

Graph enriches our Development and Platinum subscriptions for existing and future Elastic customers at no additional cost.