Elastic Observability:
Getting started resources

Here's a handy collection of documentation, videos, blogs, and training to help speed along and optimize your journey with Elastic Observability on Elastic Cloud.

Onboard sample logs

Follow along in these quick tutorials as we ingest some sample logs and begin exploring it.


Onboard system metrics

Want a hand? Follow along to start shipping metrics to Elastic Cloud in under five minutes.


Visualize metrics

Get to the good stuff, fast. Learn how to use prebuilt visualizations in Kibana.


Instrument a sample app

Walk through a tutorial with experts on how to deploy an agent and get code-level visibility into application health.


Explore app performance and health

See errors and latency issues before they impact your users. Use waterfall charts and service maps to spot bottlenecks and lower your MTTR.


Resources Galore

Explore more on Elastic Cloud

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