Leveraging Elastic to improve data management and observability in the cloud


Two recent studies conducted by Nucleus Research, focused on how a global telecommunications provider, and multi-line insurance company realized quantified business value through Elastic.

The companies that were studied saw great levels of satisfaction from deploying Elastic Cloud. Through their adoption they were able to increase the maturity of their tech stack and circumvent prior limitations in scalability. The delivery of a full-stack observability platform with the capacity to detect incidents, avoid service disruptions, run root cause analytics, and deliver real-time metrics, helped deliver several key benefits, including:

Enhancing IT productivity and new revenue

After implementing Elastic Cloud, IT staff noted faster problem identification, reduced MTTR, greater platform stability, and streamlined data management. This enabled teams to save time and focus on higher value-add tasks. For a leading telecommunications provider, the extended platform availability improved the end-user experience of their customers. For an insurance company, claims managers were able to improve productivity with faster customer data retrieval — shortening average call duration by at least 5%.

Eliminating costs

For many companies still using legacy hardware, the high costs of maintenance and upkeep is a major pain point. The studies concluded that Elastic Cloud enabled the organizations to eliminate legacy hardware license, maintenance, and updating costs associated with their on-premises system, saving tens of thousands of dollars annually. By implementing Elastic Cloud, they were able to focus on delivering business value by leveraging managed services.

Delivering a strong ROI

Both studies revealed that the interviewed companies saw a strong ROI (170% & 283%) with a fast payback period (7.2 months & 1.7 Years) upon integrating Elastic Cloud into their environment. This included both direct and indirect benefits over a three year period from leveraging Elastic Cloud and Elastic Solutions.

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