Logstash Lines: Support for Protobuf version 3

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Protobuf codec now supports Protobuf version 3

A community contributed pull request has added protobuf version 3 to this codec, that previously only supported version 2. This was a great effort that involved a few community members in both building and testing the pull request. One of the contributors mentioned seeing 2.5x performance improvement for some protobufs.

Logstash Core Java-ification

Java-ification of LS core is proceeding along nicely with a number of great PRs with: the output delegator strategy ported in #9410 , simplified handling of JRuby internals in Java execution in #9401 , and simplified queue reader setup in #9399.

We’ve also made some nice strides on our Java Plugin API! You can track the progress of that, which is being developed in a feature branch, in #9342. We’ve even ported the STDIN input as a test of this new API in #9392.

UDP Input had an ugly bug :(

The fix to the lack of IPv6 support in the UDP plugin makes the version that shipped with 6.2.4 and 5.6.9 unusable due to a missing reference to a dependency. This bug has since been fixed and a new version of the udp plugin has been published to Rubygems.org.


Repository: elastic/logstash

Changes in master:

  • [DOCS] Removes X-Pack installation info #9407
  • Doc for pipeline-to-pipeline communication #9385

Repository: elastic/logstash-docs

Changes in versioned_plugin_docs:

  • auto generated update of versioned plugin documentation #515

All changes

Logstash core

  • Stabilize integ tests #9412
  • Fix deep clone of timestamp: #9405
  • Only log converge when actions taken #9409
  • Start webserver after pipelines are started #9398
  • Add -SNAPSHOT to snapshot build output files #9397
  • Integration tests ported to use of JRuby classes: #9388
  • Fix gradle clean to remove gem jars: #9387

Logstash Integrations

logstash-codec-netflow - 3.12.0

  • Added support for IPFIX from Procera/NetIntact/Sandvine 15.1

logstash-filter-jdbc_static - 1.0.2

  • Support multiple driver libraries #22
  • Fixes for #12, #17, #18:
    • Use Java classloader to load driver jar.
    • Use system import from file to loader local database.
    • Prevent locking errors when no records returned.
  • loader_schedule now works as designed #8
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