Kurrently in Kibana: This week in Kibana for April 17, 2017

Welcome to Kurrently in Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • A slew of default to named conversions to adhere to the new style guide.


  • Create visualization cleanup in progress #110946bd11708-2126-11e7-9187-dcd1e906eaf0.gif
  • Create filter dropdowns in progress #10976d20e7dde-1f56-11e7-84ba-2975a4a7e089.png
  • Applied elastic.co look and feel to UI Framework docs site #111748325ee4e-1edb-11e7-8494-ca54c63dcc4a.png
  • Fixed focus states of Buttons inside of the ToolBar #11129


  • Fixed bug where stepping forward/backward in the timepicker would result in overlapping ranges #11131


  • [Advanced Settings] Using better logic for detecting non-default values #1103680cda748-19ba-11e7-8f13-787ee66b3e38.gif
  • Fixed a bug in saved object importing where failures would still prompt the user about overwriting documents, and invalid file imports would result in odd errors #11059
  • Do not expand index patterns by default #11155cc3ab894-1e9f-11e7-9cd1-675c1846e876.png
  • Refactored Index Pattern Management files into a hierarchical directory structure #11175


  • Node bumped 6.10.2 #11039
  • Added base path to example url field formatters #11082
  • Replaced zip library used to extract plugins #11145
  • Provided cgroup stats #10402
  • Fixed status page providing the wrong 15m load average #11202
  • Fixed bug where an error is displayed when saving a new scripted field #10820


  • Fixed a regression bug with view/edit mode where a warning wasn’t showing up when it should #11107
  • A little refactoring work in table sort properties: Refactor table sort properties


  • Users can now change the line-width of a line-chart #10583aeff13ac-fb3f-11e6-9874-10cfde7db095.png
  • Values in the totals row in the Data Table Visualization are now displayed with the proper field formatter #104146cf19978-f75a-11e6-9bfb-7ba990bf96f0.png
  • The Y-axis of the heatmap visualization now shows the correct labels #11181
  • Other 5.4 fixes
    • Axes now display correctly in the dark-theme for Point Series charts #11118
    • The visualize landing page no shows the correct thumbnail icons #11243
    • The heatmap now takes into account the minimum opacity #11261
    • Heatmap no longer shows black squares for empty results #10292
    • Terms are now sorted correctly in the Data Table #11077