Kurrently in Kibana: This week in Kibana for April 10, 2017

Welcome to Kurrently in Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • Organized UI Framework SCSS mixins and variables into global and component namespaces #11033
  • Renamed all UI Framework .jsx files to .js #11022
  • Fixed appearance of breadcrumbs to look like links #11058
  • Added kuiSubduedText class to UI Framework #10988


  • Fixed error thrown when a custom query_string filter sets a default_field #11087
  • Keeping angular metadata out of URL #11064
  • Allowed both “from” and “to” times in the timepicker’s relative mode #109907ce9f7d8-162e-11e7-9d29-d67d52276a77.png
  • Added a "Set To Now" button on the “from” field in timepicker absolute mode #109855cd20626-160f-11e7-8bdb-40f91f839600.png


  • Showing the selected time field when viewing time-based indices #10790251db896-1926-11e7-93c3-f24174077f95.png
  • Notifying the user when there is a problem updating the fields for an index pattern #10788


  • Fixed BWC issue introduced in 5.3 from the introduction of dashboard landing pages, as well as broken share links when trying to share snapshots of an unsaved dashboard  #11003
  • Improved pager on search results in dashboard. Also fixes an issue with a misleading number of results shown #10827


Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 2.53.06 PM.png

Even though this search has over a million hits, only 500 are retrieved and there is no indication that they are limited.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 2.52.58 PM.png

We now show the actual total number of hits.

  • Some progress made on adhering to our new style rule of preferring named exports over default  #10986. Additional work is being delayed till post 5.4 feature freeze to avoid potentially disrupting other teams.
  • A community member raised some concerns with a previous PR that hid filter pin state in embed mode, so we decided to revert it. The potential for disruptions outweighed the small benefits it may have offered. #11025


  • Users now select a visualization type from a gallery of icons instead of from a list. The icons themselves have been updated as well  #10972Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.49.03 PM.png
  • Map improvements and bug fixes:#10871
    • The tile map now positions icons using Elasticsearch’s geo_centroid aggregation metric. This is the new default, but this can be turned off
    • Support scroll and touch panning and zooming
    • Kibana no longer attempts to retrieve the tile service manifest if the map visualization page is not loadedApr-10-2017 13-13-28.gif
  • Check out  the new Transformation Plugin in the known plugin docs!  #11018