Kurrently in Kibana: Kibana 4.1 QA time

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Kibana 4.1: QA Time!

All of the planned pulls have been merged and we’re into QA. You can track our triaging of QA-identified issues here.

Heat Map Merged

The new geo heat map has been merged. You turn it on in the view options tab of the tile map, along with settings to tune it to just your use case. It brought with it a normalization of the tooltips used on the heat map. At the moment they’re using the geo_point field formatter, which we plan to improve on. This also makes sure that the field formatters are used to display the value of the result of a metric aggregation.

Refactored Filter Functions

We found some instances in which adding and removing filters could create duplicate history entries. We did some refactoring here and added a bunch of test coverage as well.

Merged deb and rpm Packaging

Thanks to Jordan, we now have the ability to create rpm and deb packages for Kibana 4.1. We'll let you know as soon as they hit the repository!

Plus This Stuff:

  • Fixed a inconsequential but still annoying bug that was causing console errors
  • Improved the behavior of the fit-to-bounds option on the map
  • Fixed field formatters and slice highlighting on pie charts
  • Fixed a few firefox css bits
  • Fixed a bug in importing objects
  • Improved the markdown editor to give the user plenty of space
  • Fixed a bug in the saved object editor in which missing index patterns would cause errors
  • Fixed some bulk actions in filters

See You Next Week!

Did you know? Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene, Logstash and Kibana all have weekly updates published to the Elastic blog. Tune in next week to Kurrently in Kibana to stay Kurrent on All The Things!.

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