Product release

Kibana 4.6.0 released

The newest version of Kibana is here and it’s got something for everyone. Linux packages have seen major improvements and Kibana 4.6.0 adds support for the much anticipated Reporting plugin. As usual, this release of Kibana supports the latest and greatest version of Elasticsearch (2.4.0) allowing you to upgrade your Elastic Stack with ease. Read on for more details about what’s new or dive right in by grabbing the official download now.


You’ve all been asking for it, now it’s here! The new Kibana Reporting plugin allows users to generate PDF reports from Kibana visualizations and dashboards. We’re so excited about Reporting, we wrote an entire blog post about it. Spoiler alert: your boss is going to love it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.00.48 PM.png

Linux Packages

Installing, upgrading, and using the Kibana packages and repos hasn’t always been entirely smooth. Well now all that’s going to change. If you installed Kibana via apt or yum and you’re on Kibana 4.5.4, upgrading to 4.6.0 will just work. Upgrade Kibana as you would any other package. If you’re currently on an earlier version, you’ll want to uninstall and reinstall as described in step 5 here. Future upgrades will be smooth and painless.

Beyond upgrades, our packages and repos have received a number of other improvements:

  • Better cleanup on package removal - #7422
  • Package repos are now based on major versions - #6728
  • Fixed logging for package installs using SysV - #7590
  • A more accurate description for the Kibana service - #7431

More Features and Bug Fixes

Didn’t get enough yet? Well lucky for you we’ve got a slew of other improvements to quell your hunger for more Kibana!

  • Added option to configure headers for all Elasticsearch requests - #7996
  • Plugins now have a home for their data - #7457
  • Status page and API now include plugin version info - #7335
  • When using the Shield plugin, you can optionally allow unauthenticated users to see the status page - #7085
  • Error notifications will auto-dismiss after a timeout - #6150
  • Fixed blank notifications that were appearing in plugin apps like Sense - #8090
  • In some circumstances, Visualization editor controls would collapse after applying updates. They will now remain expanded - #8060
  • Deprecated sorting terms aggs by ascending _count. Sorting this way often led to incorrect results, so it is being removed in Elasticsearch 5.0 - #6833, #17614