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Kibana 4.0.1 Released

Today we make available the first update to Kibana 4 incorporating a number of important usability and stability fixes.

Grab the new release here: Download Kibana 4.0.1
For more information on Kibana 4 see the original release blog post: Kibana 4. Literally.

Upgrades and Polling for Elasticsearch

Kibana 4.0.1 improves on the upgrade process in 2 ways in an attempt to make both upgrades to Kibana and to Elasticsearch more seamless.

  • Upgrades from 4.0.0-RC1 and above to 4.0.1 apply cleanly and automatically, without the need to run a migration script. We expect this to be the case into the future
  • Kibana 4 performs the upgrade on startup, thus Elasticsearch must be available. In Kibana 4.0.0 the server startup would fail if Elasticsearch had not fully started. In Kibana 4.0.1 the server will poll for Elasticsearch until it is ready.

bug fixes

In addition to the two big items above we also fixed a variety of other issues, including:

  • Fixed the momentary flash of the title bar in iframed charts and dashboards
  • Fixed the Windows-specific kibana.bat to work with paths that have spaces
  • Fixed a bug in which pie chart slice color could become disconnected from the legend
  • Removed the doc_value warning when dealing with analyzed strings as analyzed strings can not have doc_values.
  • Removed the undocumented and unsupported HOST and PORT environmental variables that were causing issues when telling Kibana to bind to some other interface or port.
  • Fixed links in Discover to documents with a _id containing slashes.
  • Controller initialization will now properly abort when dependancies are not met.
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