Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for November 29th, 2019


The ability to specify an absolute session timeout in Kibana has been implemented. Previously, Kibana had an idle session timeout which would log the user out after inactivity, but didn't have a way to enforce an absolute maximum length to the session.

We have fixed an infinite redirect issue which occurred when switching from Kibana being hosted without a base-path to being hosted on a base-path. This commonly occurred in development environments, and has frustrated many people. 


New APIs:

  • Individual HTTP routes can now customize some HTTP configuration options like payload size, disable payload parsing, and more (#50783) - congrats to Alejandro on his first PR!
  • A compatibility utility has been added for converting Hapi Boom errors to KibanaResponse objects (#51157)
  • “Advanced” APIs for enhancing the SavedObjectsClient are now available in the New Platform (#48882)


  • The optimizer configuration was fixed to allow New Platform plugins to be disabled by default but still operate correctly in production builds (#51525), necessary to support Endpoint’s development

In Progress

  • We’re working on the last work to support chromeless applications. This will unblock the migration of login, logout, and status pages to the New Platform.
  • New APIs to allow applications to update their visibility and icon state (#50223) to support feature control and licensing use cases
  • Exposing config options that are used by many plugins from Core (#51478)
  • Migrating Capabilities APIs to New Platform (#51438)
  • Config validation migrated to New Platform (#51880)


Stack Services


We fully migrated “server.usage.collectorSet” to Kibana platform under “UsageCollection”. The cloud plugin is also fully migrated to the new platform. (#51789). Some other finalizations before getting started on the pulse project.


Worked on the alerting UI feature branch implementing edit connectors UI and is now finalizing the code to be merged into master for a 7.6.

Started work on allowing alert find API to filtering by action type (#51628). This is currently blocked by an ongoing issue with KQL on saved objects (#51637). Fixed an issue where errors would be thrown when creating alerts with only Elasticsearch security disabled (#51639). Alerts list UI feature branch progressing well. Alerts can now filter by tags. Work is ongoing for alerts list UI batch actions (mute all, disable all, enable all, delete all and mute all).

The team is working on a breaking change of renaming action “description” field to “name” (#51661). Also work on whitelisting email servers is ongoing (#51489). Further discussions are needed to discuss “first use” of actions where changes to kibana.yml may be required on first run (#51784).

We also continued working on a run now API for task manager (#51601).

App Architecture

We continue to work on Kibana Platform migration items.  This week the following components have been migrated:

Kibana App



  • Debugged and fixed TSVB saving regression (PR



  • Started refactoring empty dashboard state so that it’s fully React

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