Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for July 30, 2018

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


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If you want to start preparing for 6.4 migration, please check this blog.

Roadmap themes updates


The RBAC Phase 1 docs are going through review, and should be merged shortly. The team has shifted focus to Spaces.

We had our architecture review for Spaces last week, and we had a few key takeaways. We’re brainstorming the best way to create the best user experience when a user has Spaces enabled and then disables Spaces, and we’re actively investigating a few approaches. Additionally, we’ll be making a few design changes, including always displaying the Spaces selector in the side-bar, changing the “Default Space” to just “Default”, and consolidating the Spaces Management section. Work began on securing Spaces, and this effort will continue into the next few weeks.

K7 design

Design team has a couple components coming soon

  • A super select dropdown for more expressive select dropdowns.
  • Optional props to allow you to turn column display on or off for excessively large tables.

Indirectly related to K7 the team is also putting together some prototypes for official TypeScript support in EUI.

As an update to the SCSS changes involving adding auto-prefixer: Operation team has a WIP PR up and is working to resolve an issue handling failures.The team also also has a PR up to convert the status page to EUI/React

Platform team has reactified(in 6.5) the fatal error page and converting the current chrome (e.g. sidebar) is underway. There's a chain of smaller UI tasks that block it, but they're all on the team plate and the team is on track for those items in 6.5.

While not targeting 6.5, theme support is a wildcard for k7. Platform team is working with Sharing team to come up with a plan for this that can accomplish for 6.6/7.0.


Please check Canvas blog for the following latest cool features the team has been working on.

  • Drag and drop pages
  • Resize centering and snapping
  • PDF reporting

Team summaries



  • Fix bug in EuiInMemoryTable to not mutate the items prop #1057
  • Allow * and _ characters in Search AST 'word's #1058
  • Add onTableChange callback function to EuiInMemoryTable #1060
  • Fix bug where a position: fixed popover content doesn't scroll #1064
  • New spaces logo #1065
  • Build a minified version of each theme file using cssnano #1070
  • Add defaults to borders and adjust shadows #1079


The management team transitioned away from working on fixing flaky tests and turned their focus back onto index lifecycle management and adding rollup support.


  • Fix Saved Objects total item count and table filtering (#21574)
  • Fix broken link to saved object from relationships flyout (#21513)
  • Fix formatting of 'Saved object not found' error toast (#21421)


The DLL vendor work for the client dependencies has made good progresses and the very first solution was achieved.



  • [6.4] The EMS landing page is now hotlinked from the Region Map Visualization in Kibana. This means users can now to the EMS landing page to inspect the layer data when configuring the visualization. #21154
  • Improve test stability of region map screenshot test #21305



  • EUIfy PanelOptionsMenuForm (#21375)



  • fixes pinned filters in visualize and dashboard (#21463)
  • Fix hidden ticks when using log scale (#21507)
  • add if check around using async handler object in VisEditorVisualization (#21454)
  • fixing embedded mode in visualize (#21468)
  • fixing error with average bucket pipeline aggregation (#21400)
  • Wait for saveSearch to reload, retry on openSavedSearch (#21371)
  • Fix empty vis toasts (#21388)
  • fixing editor bug with apply being disabled in some cases (#21333)
  • maps wms settings refactoring (#20371)


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