Keeping up with Kibana: This week in Kibana for July 31, 2017

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a weekly series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.


  • K7 UI Framework development
    • Add Typography components #13048
    • Mock assets files for Jest #13060
    • Create React Icon component #13062
    • Add additional documentation snippets to KUI generator #13076
    • Update Typography and Icon tests #13081
    • Fix broken coverage report paths in Jest config #13082
    • Fix incorrect use of double quotes in KUI generator snippet #13086
    • Add KeyPadMenu, Popover, and Header components #13087
    • Update eslint config to lint the new UI Framework directory structure #13102
    • Remove infrequently used imports from the KUI generator test template #13110
    • Remove namespacing mixins #13135
    • Refactor KuiPage component folder structure #13194
    • Header profile, header alert, spacing, link and avatars #13073avatars.gif
    • More robust theming #1312928638132-c7f0939c-71f8-11e7-80af-e1f5e5b2aa0d.png28638145-cffddd42-71f8-11e7-9bf8-1360af02eb95.png
    • Responsive page layout components #13162
    • Add Kibana sandbox #13200
    • Add unstyled KuiModal components #13199


  • Make 'time picker' button in Discover no results prompt keyboard and screen-reader accessible #13046


  • Ensure conflicted fields can be searchable and aggregatable kibana#13070
  • Provide a way to fetch index pattern titles kibana#13030
  • Remove premature abstraction around fetching indices kibana#13042

Dev Tools

  • Add unit tests the verify correct `dataType` in `jQuery.ajax` request when loading Console app state. 13092
    • It’s done to make sure that we won’t make exploiting of known jQuery XSS vulnerability possible just by accident.


  • Add linting rules for formatting JSX #12810
  • Upgrade eslint config to 0.8.1 #13128


  • Fix issue with hovering over exit full screen button in firefox #13015
  • Propagate short url errors to the ui instead of the current unrelated “catch all” error that will be displayed in case of an error #13004


  • V6 fix
    • Spacing of bars in bar chart is now correct #13068
  • V5 and up fixes
    • Metric visualizations now are colored appropriately in Dark dashboard theme #12993.
    • The current center and zoom is saved correctly in Region maps #12883
    • When in the region maps, clicking the fit-to-data button now only fits on the shapes that are part of the results than on the entire layer #12881
    • The selected layer and join-field is now preseved across sessions in the region map. #12956

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