How versatile is the Elastic Stack? Ask Walmart, NASA, or Airbus.

What do an airline, the world’s largest retailer, the French government, Adobe, and NASA’s JPL have in common? They use the Elastic Stack to empower customers, communities, and, even, interplanetary exploration. 

With the Elastic Stack’s ability to take data from any source and in any format, and then search, analyze, and visualize it in real time, organizations can act quickly to improve customer experience and power critical systems. The flexibility of Elastic as a platform means that the same underlying technology can serve a broad range of challenges. 

See how companies across the globe are using Elastic to...

Combat fraud and save consumers millions

Walmart’s Global Investigations team has used Elastic to ingest more than 4 billion metadata records over the past 5 years to combat fraud and protect customers. By ingesting IP address, point of sale, and other traffic data into Elasticsearch, the Walmart Global Risk Analysis team can identify instances of fraud in real time, especially gift card scams targeted at senior citizens. They even support the FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security to dismantle transnational criminal groups that scam consumers for millions of dollars each year.

Search images with machine learning

Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence and machine learning technology does the heavy lifting for training the image search models. To work alongside Sensei, Adobe created several Elasticsearch plugins — a similarity plugin and another for search ranking — to help drive image recognition capability and create an effective tool for users to find similar images. Together, they provide users with real-time search features such as face detection, object detection, face clustering, auto tagging, and named entity recognition.

Track the scientific research around Covid-19

WaKED-CO (Watch of Knowledge on Emergent Diseases COVID-19) launched in record time on Elastic Cloud — deployed just a month after developing a prototype — with one core mission: to make it easier to research the literature around the COVID-19 crisis. The teams faced underlying challenges: resources were distributed, researching academic literature was time consuming, publications were not exhaustive, and researchers had limited time. By creating a list of all the scientific and clinical test publications on their platform and enriching them with additional information, they aimed to make it easier to organize, sort, and gather information, as well as carry out scientific research and monitoring.

Power near real-time access to thousands of critical files 

Airbus, one of the world’s largest airlines, customer service provides support to airlines and their maintenance partners, certification authorities, and the numerous suppliers involved in the manufacturing of an aircraft — totaling approximately 80,000 internal and external users. So they developed an internal application for digitizing the large volumes of assorted aircraft reference documents with the objective of satisfying 3,000 requests per minute in less than 2 seconds. Powered by the Elastic Stack, this new-generation technology allows Airbus to guarantee access rights to authorized users and monitor the platform's health.

Monitor and measure spacecraft instruments

Elastic technology helps NASA’s JPL, a hub for spacecraft building, monitor metrics from the Mars Curiosity rover and even fly a helicopter on Mars. With an analytics system built on Elasticsearch, the JPL team can quickly spot patterns and anomalies in the telemetry transmitted by the Mars rover. Elastic also powers the JPL’s internal website search to bring more relevant results to users searching for spacecraft documents and designs.

All of these challenges have been turned into opportunities thanks to a search platform — a centralized data store, search engine, and analytics solution that can ingest, store, search, and analyze data of any type, from any source, and provide results in milliseconds.

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